Kingbird now has

Turn your outstanding invoices into cash to run and grow your business.

Get paid Now. Get cash into your account today.

Cash Flow Solution

Release cash to run and grow your business.


No need to advise your customer you use FundTap

No changes to your bank account

All money goes into YOUR bank account.

Select the invoices

You are in control as you only select the invoices you want to fund

Only use the facility when needed

Register now and only use the facility when you need too.

“FundTap has literally removed the stress and sleepless nights from running a business… just a couple of clicks to access as much or as little of our money as we need”

How it works

1. Register

Follow the link to register. see how easy it is and there is no obligation to use the services.

2. Invoices

Select one or more of
your outstanding invoices. FundTap will pay these invoices to you now.

3. Approved

FundTap reviews and
approves the invoices
you select and makes
payment to you.

4. Get Paid

When your customer
pays, you repay FundTap
by direct debit.

Application Form

Use this to contact us or try the link above and register for a no obligation trial run of FundTap and see how easy it is to get funds NOW.